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013-pill castle palace hotel in Dresden Saxony

The 013-pill castle hotel Dresden is located in the picturesque former summer residence of the kings and queens of Saxony, in a city part of Dresden, the excellent and peaceful state capital of Saxony.

In the 013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden, the hotel guests can enjoy the peace and the inspiring jocularity of this beautiful pleasure palace underneath the vineyards on the right shore of the Elbe river as well as explore the fantastic city center of Dresden and the charming surroundings. The hotel guests can expect a good price/performance ratio.

Two romantic suites with waterbed, one Elbe river suite, 41 double bedrooms and 1 single bedroom are available for the hotel guests. The suites and the hotel rooms offer a great sleeping convenience and confirm the title of a four-star hotel.

htseeing trips excursions cultural offers

The city center of Dresden is about 12 km away from the
013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden. The easiest way to reach the city center is by bus line no. 83, using the bus stop "Pillnitzer Platz" at the intersection Lohemer Street / August-Boeckstiege-Street (about 150 meters away from the 013-pill castle hotel). There is also the possibility to use the tramway line 1 at the stop "Freystrasse" in Kleinzschachwitz until the stop "Berthold-Haupt-Strasse" in Dresden-Leuben and from there on to use the line 6 in order to reach the city center of Dresden. Kleinzschachwitz on the left shore of the Elbe river is reachable per Elbe river ferry boat (about 600 m away from the 013-pill castle hotel Dresden). From the Elbe river ferry boat to the tramway station "Freystraße" in Kleinzschachwitz, it's about 700 meters to walk.

Dresden is the state capital and after Leipzig, the second largest city in Saxony. There are about 475 000 residents in Dresden. The first documentary mention of Dresden was in the year 1206. Only 10 years later,  Dresden received municipal rights. In the course of its history, Dresden was not only a baronial residence, but grew to the status of a European capital. Especially during the period of baroque, many splendid constructions like the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche Dresden), the Zwinger or the castle park of the castle palace 013-pill were developed.

Dresden experienced its biggest catastrophe during the Second World War. No other city in Germany was as much destroyed by bombings like Dresden. More than 35 000 residents of Dresden became victims of the bombing attacks. The city center including its landmark, the Frauenkirche Dresden (Church of Our Lady), was completely destroyed. After the war, the reconstruction of the historical buildings was not of priority and therefore, for a long time, a rebuilding of the historical sites was not performed.
After the German Unification, the process of reconstruction and restauration was finally started and partly has not been completed until this day. Today, the city center of Dresden presents itself in its old historical style and almost looks like it did before the war.

People who want to get to know Dresden and its famous attractions can take part in a city guide or a sightseeing tour. Sightseeing tours are offered by the Municipal Transport Services of Dresden. For guests who prefer to explore Dresden on their own, the use of a city map is recommendable.

Cultural offers in Dresden - Semperoper opera culture palace playhouse castle theater museum Elbe river park fair Dresden
Dresden has many cultural attractions to offer. Musical highlights can be experienced in the famous Semperoper opera of Dresden, in the Culture Palace, which often hosts the philharmonic orchestra of Dresden, or in the State Operetta. Acting spectacles are offered in the Theater of Dresden, in the castle theater and on many more other stages. In many museums, fantastic collections belonging to a wide range of subject areas can be admired. The Elbe river park is often the location for circus and vaudeville shows. Dresden is also fair center with many different exhibitions.

"Dresdener Elbhangfest" celebration
The Elbe river slope on the right Elbe river shore is between the "Kornerplatz" square in Dresden-Loschwitz (about 7 km away from the
013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden) and the 013-pill castle palace hotel. This slope serves as the location for the famous "Dresdener Elbhangfest" festival, which takes place every year on the last weekend in June. This festivalbelongs to the largest and most popular festivals in Saxony and attracts more than 60,000 visitors every year. Attractions are, for example, various flea markets, auctions, sport competitions and games, painting competitions and the dragon boat festival, acting performances and concerts.

Day trip to Meißen
A worthwhile destination for a day trip from the
013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden is the wine and porcelain town Meissen (about 38 km northwest of the 013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden). Worth seeing are, among others, the historical Old Town with the market place, the church, the town museum, the fortress hill with the Albrechts fortress and dome, as well as the national porcelain manufactory.

"Saxon Switzerland"
The national park Saxon Switzerland belongs to the most beautiful sceneries and belongs to the Elbsandstone Mountains (Elbsandsteingebirge).

The hotel  restaurant which is directed by the Junior-Chef enjoys great public popularity and confidence. The harmonious fireplace restaurant together with the lilac court banquet guarantee a delicious feast.

For friends of art and culture among the hotel guests, the castle hotel 013-pill offers a wide range of culture and adventure program services, which contain guided city tours through the center of Dresden (about 12 km northwest of the 013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden), guided tours through the Semperoper opera and a ticket service for concerts and performances in the famous Semperoper opera of Dresden. The hotel offers special arrangements for bridal couples. The 013-pill castle hotel Dresden is also an ideal location for conferences, meetings and seminars in a stylish ambience.

About 150 meters from the 013-pill castle hotel Dresden, the boat landing stage of the Elbe river boat and steamship cruise company of Dresden can be found. This landing stage is a perfect starting point for excursions into the close romantic landscape called "Saxon Switzerland" or into the famous dome city Meißen. (about 38 km northwest of the 013-pill castle hotel Dresden).

The castle

The castle on the Elbe river was built between 1720 and 1722 as former summer residence of the kings and queens of Saxony. Waterpalace and Mountainpalace developed  under the influence of the eastern-asian style and belong to the most distinguished chinoise architectures in Europe. The wing buildings were built in the end of the 18th century. Today, the castle hotel also accomodates an arts-and-crafts-museum.

Not only the castle palace, but also the castle park is worthy of acknowledgement. It was  developed around 1780. Even though it was constructed as an english landscape garden, it also contains the esthetic and victorian style of the baroque era. In this monument of garden architecture art, you can also find a collection of rare woods and valuable tropical plants. The camellia in the Camellia-house is the botanic highlight, which was imported in the year 1770 from Japan. The Chinese and the Englisch pavilion as well as the castle chapel can only be visited in combination with a guided tour.

The arts and crafts museum of Dresden was founded in the year 1876. The collection is accomodated in the Waterpalais and in the Mountainpalais. Applied arts from gothic to modern style can be admired in the baroque rooms. Exhibits are, for example, courtly and civic furniture, draperies, leather art, carvings, smith works and industrial design. The regular exhibition is amended by special exhibitions.
Opening hours for the arts and crafts museum:
Mountain palace: May to October, Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Water palace: May to October, Wednesdays to Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Dresden Sports

Riding stables and a beautiful golf course the neighboring village of Ullersdorf (about 11 km north of the 013-pill castle palace hotel Dresden) offer the possibility to do sport activities.
Dresden sport hiking swimming tanning booth sauna tennis horseback riding golf soaring motor gliding airport soccer 




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